Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She Says comes again with its Xmas Bash! (London, 19th of December)

After a busy year, She Says invites its members, and anybody who want to join the club, for the Xmas party. The ¨sisters¨ want to celebrate a hectic year with a drink, some seasonal nibbles and a big pat on the back. Boys are allowed! ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Female leadership

Farah Ramzan Golant is one of those women who leave no one indifferent. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and today she is the Executive Director of Abbott Mead Vickers in London, where she works for brands as Sainsbury's, General Electric, British Telecom, Mars y The Economist. She was awarded in Cannes in 2006 for the spot "Noitulove" made for the Guinness beer. If you want to know more about a woman that is in charge of one of the world’s most important advertising agencies, see the article published by The Independent.

The 5 most sexist advertisements of 2008

Alex Leo is a columnist in a daily newspaper, The Huffington Post, and the editor of 236.com, (where she’s paid to behave as a kid). In this week publication she presents 5 most sexist ads of 2008. What’s curious, the brands represent strategic advertising sectors. Watching ads of this kind, I keep on asking myself: where is the common sense of the advertising agencies...?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who has pushed the trigger?

I´ll do my best to be down to earth and reasonable. Wode de Boudicca has launched a new perfume. The bottle is of the shape of the spray can, and in the moment of application it is first blue and then becomes transparent, as we can see in the spot. What worries me, is the graphic expression. Creatives, artists and fans of vanguard: I beg your pardon, but what I see here is a woman bleeding to death after being shot. A terrible connotation.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Woman as an object

It seems absurd, but unfortunately it's real. Instead of feeling embarrassed when watching this photo, that illustrates Marc Jacobs brand, the protagonists of the campaign seem to be proud of participating in such an undertaking.

The author of this very creativity is the photographer Juergen Teller. The model is Victoria Beckham, who doesn't need a presentation. This primitive lack of delicacy caused an instant controversy in the advertising industry. But the polemic reached the boiling point when the protagonists have published their statements in The New York Times. The pictures speak by themselves.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The winner of The Golden Stiletto Awards 2008

The Golden Stiletto Awards 2008 - the award for the best digital advertising campaigns created by the young female professionals from Great Britain.

Agency: Dare
Creative Director: Flo
Creative Team: Yasmin Quemard, Andy Amadeo and Simon Burnett
Account Director: Ash Amrite

Summary by the creative team: ¨This is a brand with a unique music heritage, but it's not necessarily the music player of choice. To reawaken the brand, it developed a new strapline: Music.Like.No.Other. A bold TV commercial was soon to follow. The client wanted an innovative online idea to sit alongside it.

The Sony Walkman project is all about online music collaboration. The sounds can be as diverse and dynamic as you like. You can be a performer, a creator, a co-creator… it's music the way you like it.

Opening up the process of making music to everyone was exciting and scary at the same time.¨

Web site: www.walkmanproject.com

* Information provided by She Says.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For mothers, by mothers and about mothers

The advertainment is home for good. The brands Suave and Sprint have united their efforts and produce together the online series "In the Motherhood" where mothers are the main protagonists and much more.

Through the web page we can follow chapters, watch the making of, and all the details of the production. But there is much more to be seen: the mothers themselves are the ones to write the script, vote the best plots and participate in the shootings.

There is no product placement and the plot is not being influenced to seem as an advert. It’s a pure entertainment sponsored by two brands that bet on women as consumers and opinion leaders. Highly recommendable for those who search for an entertainment or a marketing tool.

Episode 1:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Golden Stiletto Awards 2008

I had the pleasure of being invited to the celebration of the Golden Stiletto Awards, which recognizes the best digital advertising campaigns created by the young female professionals from Great Britain.

The event was celebrated on the 19th of November, in Canon Getty Images Gallery, in the London city centre, where the top females of British advertising industry, members of She Says community meet every month to share their experience and help people to either get started or work their way up. The meetings have a loyal public and every time more new participants.

This brilliant initiative has been brought to life by Laura Jordan Bambach, Head of Art in Glue London and Alessandra Lariu, Group Creative Director at McCann NYC. This time girls met to reveal who is the great winner of the golden stiletto shoe.

From the beginning the atmosphere was informal, lively and very feminine. In fact, the security staff on the gate and the waiter were the only men around. During the welcome cocktail and then throughout the entire gala hundred or so female voices, laughs and whispers reverberated in the ambiance. As there were mostly young creative women, the spirit of female creativity was in the air.

Jury members have described the level of participating works as very high. From the 28 campaigns competing the jury have chosen the top 5. While the finalists were presenting their campaigns, the public was reacting spontaneously.

The award winner, Yasmin Quemard from Dare Digital, showed her surprise and enthusiasm at the same time. As she said, she didn’t really expect to win, and was really happy that she managed to bring the Sony Walkman Project to life. As she remarked, it was a product of teamwork (creative team: Yasmin Quemard, Andy Amadeo and Simon Burnett).

It was really exciting to meet all these young creatives, to watch the fruits of their efforts and share their enthusiasm. Many of them were there, because they are convinced that it’s really worth to do what inspires you. And they find an inspiration in events like that. Well done sisters!

The judges:

Lee Wright- MD, Dare
Larissa Vince- Acting Deputy Editor, Campaign
Christine Turner- Creative Digital Head, Lowe London
Alessandra Lariu- Group Creative Director, McCann NYC
Laura Jordan Bambach- Head of Art, Glue London

More information.