Friday, November 28, 2008

20 yars of Dim Up

It has been already 20 years since Dim revolutionised the entire market with its seamless stockings. To celebrate the anniversary the company has asked the French agency Publicis to prepare a commemorative campaign. For this purpose they created a separated web page that presents the history of stockings and its advertising throughout last decades.

Moreover Dim (that now belongs to DB Apparel) has published billboard and magazine advertisements. The company has celebrated its anniversary during the party that took place in Madrid, with a presence of celebrities and a catwalk show.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Woman in the Advertising Industry

Some days ago I read a really interesting survey: "La mujer en el sector publicitario. Categorías, especializaciones y conflicto trabajo-familia en las agencias españolas" (¨Woman in the Advertising Industry. Categories, Specializations and Job-Home Conflict in Spanish Advertising Agencies¨), conducted by Grupo Investigador Comunicación y Sociedad del Conocimiento (The Communication and the Society of Knowledge Investigation Group) from the University of Alicante, under the supervision of Marta Martín Llaguno.

The survey was done in 2004 and 2005 with the participation of 36 biggest Spanish advertising agencies, members of Asociación Española de Agencias de Publicidad (The Spanish Advertising Agencies Association), that divide between themselves about 80% of Spanish advertising cake.

The survey was published by AEAP and it’s available in Spanish on their web page.

It’s fundamental for anyone who wants to understand the functioning of Spanish (and not only Spanish…) market.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The good ideas are always smart

Lifting up the women’s skirt in the first shot is offensive and vulgar. But the Epuron spot, created by the agency Nordpol from Hamburg is a beautiful idea that justifies the scene and focuses the attention of spectators. Brilliant.

Agency: Nordpol (Hamburg - Germany)
Production: Paranoid Projects
Advertiser: Epuron/BMU

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natural born blogger

Debbie Weil is a blogger and social assessor of some of the most significant world enterprises (many of them are listed in the Global 100 and Forbes 500). She gives speeches during conferences in different countries all over the world. She teaches the great companies how to develop their own blog, and make the best profit of this most democratic tool ever known in the history of communication.

Apart from her blog-oriented job, Debbie has got her own blog where she publishes very interesting information and a wide scope of marketing case studies. It’s really worth to visit:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Offenders & defenders

About Face is an organization from San Francisco (California) that has got one goal: to defend women and teenagers from the advertising harassment. On their web page we may find a shortlist of offenders and defenders of women in advertisements. Through the means of the web we may participate in the activity of the organization as well.

It is very combative in its character and has gained this way a respect and authority among creatives and advertisers. To be included in the TOP 10 WOMEN OFFENDERS means troubles and is not very recommendable for any brand.

Here we go again!

Can anybody tell me what is so appealing about this add that it deserved to be published? Christina Aguilera is wearing sexy nurse clothes in order to sell some trainers…? No main story, no text, no concept. Pure provocation without any sence of responsibility. The author agency of this masterpiece is Agenda Inc. with offices in San Francisco and Paris. The advert is from 2005.

From: Adpulp

Creative games or creation of new values?

While searching for the fresh perspectives on a women’s role in advertising we have found this document:

It’s elaborated by the Ministry of Work and Welfare (the Spanish one) in the cooperation with the Secretary of Equality and Women’s Institute in Spain.

Even though it’s brief and too overloaded with graphics, it analyzes quite well the advertising profile when it comes to seducing consumers.

What it says, is that the health is nowadays a consumer’s good and thanks to great variety of ¨easy and instant-use¨ products one can face all kinds of situations.

What’s curious, this scheme works the same with men (with the exception of well known advertising protagonists: femme fatal, Lolita, woman-sexual gratis that comes with a product).

I think that this document should pass through advertising agencies so that we could rise the awareness, that what we do is not just a mere creative game but a problem that needs to be solved. It’s a high time to start looking for new values and new creative formulas. We have to create responsible habits and to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

It is really a great challenge for the advertising of this century.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feminine creativity without limit

Anyone can have fresh ideas! But one Irish girl made them come true. One day she just grabbed the camera and she has recorded herself dancing. After few time almost 3 millions of people have watched her dancing. From that moment on starts her amazing adventure with advertising, viral marketing, glamour and creativity:

Part One:

Part Two: