Tuesday, October 7, 2008


“If the great advance in the XX century has been the incorporation of women to society, the greatest advance will be in the XXI century with the incorporation of her thinking”

Welcome women and men to Adwomen. This blog is about the role of women in advertising, women as a professional, as a consumer, as a generator of opinion or as a creator of new communication codes.

And why a blog about women as creators and receptors of advertising messages?

  • And because it isn’t intelligent that market pushed the main target of their business into the background.

We want to know if the tone, the codes and the creativity made by us, the women, contribute with novelties to the advertising culture.

In Adwomen, you can know the most distinguished creative women of the world, their work and their views about the role that we play in the sector. Also, you will discover all the novelties in the advertising industry related to female world: new products, strategies to differentiate, books about this topic and the latest news about the women intervention in the most important advertising festival around the world.

Adwomen is a space to debate, to know ant to promote the work of women professionals in the sector. We will show the most important creativity made by women, while we let in your hands determinate if there is a female factor in the creativity and, if there is, identify their peculiarities and differences with regard to male creativity.

Adwomen, the female side of advertising.

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