Friday, January 23, 2009

Orange campaigns: created by women

Everybody for free

For its latest campaigns Orange has chosen Comunica +A agency, which creative team is made up in majority by women.

Full credits
Agency: Comunica+A
Advertiser: Orange
Product: Oferta comercial
Brand: Orange
Sector: Telecomunicaciones
Consumer contacts: Marcos Martínez de la Escalera y Miguel López Hidalgo
Creative director: Paula Dicenta
Copy: Eva Pastor
General Account Director: Marta González
Account Director: Marta Plaza
Producer company: Ferragut
Piece: Spot TV 30

What’s curious, the only men in this work group is responsible for contacts with the client— a job that is usually done by women. Orange and Comunica +A switched a common division of roles.

This spot was launched in summer of 2008 and was filmed in Bolonia´s beaches (Cadiz) during three days. 400 extras, 20 models and a helicopter were needed. Spot’s music is a rock version of a popular song “Un elefante se balanceaba”.


Full credits
Agency: Comunica + A
Advertiser: Orange
Product: Fusión de Orange
Client contacts: Marcos Martínez de la Escalera y Vanessa Barreiro
Creative Director: Paula Dicenta
Art: Antonio Díaz
Copy: Sonia Gómez
Copy: Fernando de Miguel
General Account Director: Cedric Bertin
Account Director: Enrique Rot
Producer company: Coolshot Films
Producer: Plácido Castaño
Postproduction: Infinia
Piece: Spot “Fusión” (40” y 30”)

This spot was filmed in Quisco and Laguna Verde beaches and in Intercomunal Park (Chile).

Here creative director and copy are both women, although in full credits appear some new names. This proves that women are not only able to create brilliant advertising campaigns, but they are considered good creatives as well.

I wonder now: do you notice any female influence watching these spots?

It’s difficult to prove if a man could have created a similar concept. However, it’s visible that this spots reinforces the idea of friendship and community and these ideas are usually valued higher by women than by men.

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