Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beauty is a women's thing?

The creative team of this spot of Nivea is a faithful reflex of what is happening in advertising sector.

There are more and more feminine names in creative positions, as it's the case of this spot of Nivea, made by a female copywriter and a female art director. The advertisers and the agencies are beginning to value that the people that is going to talk to women were other women, in order to get a communication that connects more with them.

However, it's curious that the one that makes the final decision, the three creative executive directors, continue being men, which means that the last filter goes through their glance.

Changes happen slowly.

Agency: TBWA\Spain
Advertiser: Nivea
Product: Anti-wrinkle cream
Brand: Nivea
Sector: Perfumery, cosmetic and hygiene
Creative executive directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés and Sergio Cuervo
Copywriter: Miriam García
Art director: Pilar Morán
Piece: Spot TV 30"
Title: “Give more”

Source: Anuncios

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