Friday, October 10, 2008

Women don't feel understood by companies

In Spain, 90% of women consider that companies don't communicate with them in an efficient way and 85% of them points out that many companies don't bear them in mind as a target, because they only talk to men. These are some of the conclusions of the research “Empresa, Mujeres y Comunicación” ("Bussiness, Women and Communication"), made by Actitud de Comunicación between women from 29 to 49 years old, middle class, workers and that live with another people.

90% of the women asked says that they don't feel identified at all with the messages that companies transmit, because they consider that these messages are based only in things as cleaning, family, house and esthetic, and 85% of them point out as values which they feel identified with, intelligent, independence, capacity to decide and proffesional aspects.

Also, there is a high percentage of women (85%) that demand to the sectors focused only on men that also communicate with them. They mention as the more frequent automotive, financial products, insurances, computers and products related to leisure time, sports and travels.

The objective of the research is analyze woman's perception of the communication that is directed to her. Women take a lot of purchase decisions and companies starts to be worried about the way they are directing to them.

Because of the results of the research, I think it is going to be necessary overcome the old stereotypes about women, think about their current aspirations and include in the communication new values in agreement with the role that is playing woman in the society right now.

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