Monday, October 13, 2008

If it is for women, it has to be pink

That must think the majority of creative when they have to direct at women. The latest is the new launching of Coca-Cola: Tab Fabulous, a new drink, low in calories and in a pink bottle, to attract the feminine public.

The new drink of Coca-Cola has 3 kilocalories by each 100 milliliters, contains taurine and a high caffein content. Tab Fabulous will be exclusively distributed in the night channel, in a crystal bottle of pink colour of 200 milliliters, designed especially for this launching.

It seems to me that communication falls constantly in the cliché when it has to talk to women. As a woman, I don't feel attracted because one drink was pink and I'm tired of the “low in calories” only for female public.

Maybe the product was successful, after all pink acts as an identifying factor, but which I raise is if communication will be able to go beyond the “pink factor” to go to women.

Personally, in a drink, which I like is the flavor and, if it is an energetic drink, as it's the case, I hope that it had effects to "revitalize". If it is pink, at the most, it looks peculiar to me. Doesn't it to a man?

Spain will be the first European country to launch the drink. It has been commercialized in the United States and in Canada. There will be different parties to support the launching. This product has been successful in another countries, so only time will say if the resource to the "pink products" carries on effective to go to women.

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